Excellent sun protection
Do you like the sun? We too. We love being outdoors. But we also know the dangers of too much sun. Marc, co-founder of Sonpakkie, has had skin cancer himself. So we have developed an excellent protection to UV radiation for you. The tightly woven fabric of your Sonpakkie UV wear blocks the radiation by up to 98% . Corresponding to a UV protection factor of 80. Want to enjoy outdoors the entire day? Do you choose for excellent protection? Get yourself a Sonpakkie today!
Fair made
Do you know where your clothes are made? And under what circumstances? We manufacture Sonpakkie in South Africa. A beautiful country with a large textile industry. So you can count on quality. But also on a product which is made responsibly. In a factory with a five-day working week and a healthy 9 to 5 mentality. A conscious choice. Humanity comes first. That adds a little to our prices. For us, that’s worth it. And for you?
African strength
Sun, Savannah, Mandela, Kruger Park, townships, two oceans and Bafana Bafana. What's your impression of South Africa? We are inspired by it. You see it in Sonpakkie: bold colors combined with earthy tones. And of course prints with a link to South Africa. A country with a strong soul and a land of hope. Do you also contribute to hope? 4% of our revenues are donated to cancer research funds.


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Enjoy being outdoor, careless. That is what we aim for at Sonpakkie (African for sunsuit). Sonpakkie ® offers you best in class UV clothing for infants, children and adults. We provide you with a constant and outstanding protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Enjoying the outdoor is about having fun. So our UV resistant clothing is made for active swimming, sports and games.

You can count on a perfect sun protection with excellent UV protection factors of 60 or 80. And it is not just functional. Our cheerful African inspired colors and prints will enhance your summer outdoor feeling. Sonpakkie UV apparel is made to western standards in South Africa.

Sonpakkie ships to you worldwide, with flat fee shipping rates. Order now, for careless and endless fun in the sun!

Sonpakkie is looking for new international distributors and retailers. Information can be found here.

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